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Finance Tracker

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Your One-Stop Finance Hub in Notion

Managing money is no small feat, but our Notion template is designed to simplify the process, consolidating all your financial data under one roof.

Why Choose This Template in Notion?

Notion is your universal app, accessible from any device. With its highly flexible interface, including options for list views, calendar views, and kanban boards, our template leverages Notion's powerful features to give you a personalized finance management experience.

Tailored with sophisticated filtering, sorting, and querying capabilities, this Notion template serves as a robust financial database that can grow with you through the years, all without the burden of ongoing fees.

Key Features:

  • Monitor account statuses
  • Create custom financial reports
  • Seamless fund transfers among accounts
  • Stay on track with financial objectives
  • Plan and stick to monthly budgets
  • Comprehensive monthly summaries for incomes & expenses
  • Real-time income monitoring
  • Detailed expense auditing
  • Keep an eye on recurring subscriptions

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Finance Tracker

33 ratings
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